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  • ご予約は13時30分から2時間制で受付になります。なお、10名を超える場合は14時からお願いする場合もございます。11時~13時は承っておりません。
  • ご予約はコース料理のみのご案内とさせていただいております。席種のご指定はできません。あらかじめご了承ください。
  • 苦手食材、アレルギーに関しましてはあらかじめお知らせください。


  • テイクアウトご注文は、前日までメール・FAX両方可能です。
  • 当日のご注文は30分前までFAXのみ承ります。メールは不可です。ご了承ください。


  • You could make your reservation only at Hongo branch, not at Kasuga branch.
  • You could make your reservation only after 13:30 and the maximum hours would be 2 hours. The reservation for more than 10 people could be only after 14:00. We are sorry we could not accept the reservation from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • The reservation should be based on set menu and we offer the only one kind of the type of the menu for the set menu. We hope you understand the situations.
  • If you have some least favorite meals or allergy, please let us know in advance.


  • When you want to have take-out menu, please let us know before the preceding day by e-mail or facsimile.
  • When you want to make an order of take-out on the day, please let us know 30 minutes before the delivery. We are sorry we could not accept e-mail order in this case.
  • When you make the take-out order, please put the pick-up branch name on your mail or order sheet. Thank you.